Best Music Festivals Around Asia

Best Music Festivals Around Asia
October 4, 2017 Wyatt Lillard

(Photo by Daniel Robert on Unsplash)

Fuji Rock, Niigata Prefecture, Japan


If you into rock scene, and you happen to be in Japan at right time and place, you might just be able to catch this festival. Since the festival is set in Japan, you can expect the festival to be really, really, really clean (i mean, duh, Japanese) so you don’t have to worry about sanitary as such all sorts of accommodations are provided for festival goers. To reach the festival site you can take a cable up to the festival site, good thing the cable cars are there to be accessed saving the trouble and time of having to trek through the mountain. Though if you’re the type to enjoy natural scenery and stroll through the mountain then you can opt to trekking. Lineup for this year round were quite impressive: Gorillaz, Aphex Twin, Bjork and few other big names, still, forever will it be known that Fuji Rock is where Red Hot Chili peppers frontman, Anthony Kiedis, performed with a broken arm in cast during typhoon.

Magnetic Field, Rajasthan, India

A music festival in the land of colours, musics, and dances, it couldn’t get any better. Held in the 17th century Rajasthani palace within the pink and old city of Jai Pur, the festival presents every year an ornate stages around the festival grounds giving an immersive feeling to it but with a touch of electrifying EDM. The runners of this event combined together both the more international names with those closer to home like from Bombay, Delhi, and Bangalore. This three-day festival slowly growing in popularity and attracting locals ravers, globe trotters and expats, and it is the only one festival in India that has boutique camping and suites. This festival organized and by a community of forward thinking of local promoters and artists.

Pentaport Rock Festival, Incheon, South Korea

There are five creeds (okay, its just themes) to this festival: passion, music, friendship, the environment, and DIY. This three-day summer rock festival is held at Incheon in South Korea with the recurring themes said above and the name of the festival ‘Penta’ meaning five, comes from the five themes. Pentaport is not really a new music festival, it is a more of revived festival because its original Tri-port was cancelled due to bad weather in 1999. Later in 2006 this festival was revived and renamed adding along the five tenets to the festival. Pentaport throws some guitar and good old rock’n’roll (not so old that its vintage) performances from both international and local faces such as Bastille, 5 Seconds to Summer, Kiha & The Faces  they even had Dua Lipa this year round. Like any other outdoor festivals you won’t have roofs nor seating, so if you feeling like the sun is draining out your very soul, there’s a pool for you to jump in and cool yourself in.

Itadaki Festival, Shizuoka, Japan

If you opposed all those beer ridden festivals yet you still want to experience the music and electric atmosphere then head to the airport and buy a ticket to Japan because in Shizuoka there is a music festival being held every year: Itadaki which powered by bio-diesel making it a very  eco-friendly festival. The local homegrown-lineup will change your view about them being a bunch of corny J-poppers or western wannabes. At Itadaki, there’s a late night music session has ‘candle time’ where your light your lighters and hold it aloft, so bring a lighter or two.



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