Best Music Festivals In USA

Best Music Festivals In USA
October 2, 2017 Wyatt Lillard

Burning Man Festival, Nevada, USA




The Burning Man Festival was created by Larry Harvey, Jerry James, and few other friends when they met on 1986’s summer solstice on Baker’s Beach where they built 2.7 meter wooden man as well as smaller dog and burn them afterwards. Thus, the beginning of the Mad Max like festival held on the dusty Nevada desert, where you will encounter all sorts men and women parading, naked or half-naked around the festival or garbed in some weird post-apocalyptic costume. The desert party has taken turn from being an art/worshiping party-ritual to Dionysian party for the rich folks of Silicon Valley to shake off all of those workplace backstabbing, manipulating, and politics. Leaving behind all of those things and just go wild, and free be sucked into the post-apocalyptic world and take a wild ride on a desert buggy while having pyrotechnics and lasers as your backdrop and some awesome mix by the performing DJs, Deadmau5 and Tyco.

Coachella, Indio,USA

Deep into Coachella Valley we go this time around to seek the festivities happening in it. Held in a place beyond the all luxurious golf club, mid-century modern homes is Indio, a place where hedonism, and smooching are greatly encourage. Instead of urban, tech or modern day field-and-tent festivals, Coachelle is held in a desert venue, but not as deserty as the Burning Man. Revelers camp on the sands of the festival grounds but for those seeking a more comfortable place to crash, the five stars Palm Springs welcomes you and your cash. Before heading to Coachella, pack up sunblock lotion, hats and water, you’ll needing them if you want to enjoy the festival without passing out or dehydrated. The festival will go on for two weekends, so it has a leg up bookings for competition like Lollapalooza. Watch out for the comebacks of nostalgic or very, very old bands/singers. If you’re worry about those bottles of water are enough to keep you hydrated then look for the festival day time pool party, its like an oasis for festival goers.  To sober up after after 48 hours (or more) of moshing and drinks head down to the nearby National Park and there’s there San Jacinto Mountain, where you can catch a beautiful sunset.

Sound On Sound Fest, Texas, USA

SOS is pretty much a replacement for Fun, Fun, Fun Fest which also has the same scene as SOS. It has the same lineup of music genres: punk, metal, dance and DJs performing their remixes. At SOS, music isn’t the only thing there, there are sports and comedy as well for festival goers to revel in, the arena is set in the claimed to be Live Music Capital of World, Texas.

FYF Fest, Los Angeles, USA

Fuck Yeah Fest a.k.a FYF (yes, that’s the official name) is festival that bloomed as result of one young Sean Carlson who bored of the mainstream big concerts, made him start his own concert/festival and dubbed it Fuck Yeah Fest. The modest festival has grown from Echo Park clubs hit to giant-park filling crowds. Since word got about this fest, the people behind Coachella, Goldenvoice, has absorbed it and while still retaining the local vibe of the fest and its two days of revelry. The headliners are some are coolest in town, while putting the most buzzed punk, metal, garage, underground dance and throwing in minimalist electronic. So get ready to do some serious moshing and head banging at FYF. the  The location is held around Los Angeles parks like the Exposition Park. It’s Los Angeles, don’t camp in one place,  instead go out and explore the city, basked in the city’s lights and don’t sleep. Like really, don’t sleep.

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