Music Festivals Around UK

Music Festivals Around UK
September 27, 2017 Wyatt Lillard

(Photo by Maelle Ramsay on Unsplash)

Music is the very thing that make our lives more colourful, adding diversity among us, define ourselves. Music is celebrated at every corner of the world and by every cultures. The origin of music festivals can be traced back all the way to the hippies era but now, music festivals have evolved into something more than just a bunch of people get together and loud musics. Now, from the electrifying atmosphere of Tomorrowland to gathering at the Burning Man festival, each festivals give unique and unforgettable experiences to its participants. I’ve listed the best music festivals around UK, let’s take a look at ’em.

Bestival, Dorset, Uk

Bestival is the fruit of ten years worth of pioneering music events  and releasing records by Rob Da Bank. Bestival is created from the renowned music specialist dream and vision of a modern day festival. He is not alone in executing this, his Creative Director and wife, Josie Da Bank along with co-founders/partners, John and Ziggy from Get Involved which is now has become a reality. The four set out on a venture to change the face of indie festival culture, and spreading the love for it.

What makes Bestival different from all other festivals is the creative vision envisioned by Rob and Josie Da Bank. The combined power of Rob’s musical genius and Josie’s magical creativity what really gives Bestival its magical atmosphere and ecstatic music lineup. Bestival throws at you from the most original boutique experience, to colourful and magical world of Bollywood tent, to amazing and wondrous world of Caravanserai, parade of fancy dress, these uniqueness what makes Bestival a place of wondrous discovery and what makes Bestival a unique experience.

Field Day, London, UK

The festival is centered around the main stage and the newly added the Barn, a new giant indoor metal stage arena with hangar-like construct, the arena is equipped with a state of the art high powered sound system and rigged with the most advanced lighting technologies, the Barn surely will provide an unmissable spectacle to the festival’s goers. If you looking to enjoy some good beer and day drunk or sweep yourself in a gastronomical storm by eating all the dish you can. You’ll be transported to a realm of electronic music by everybody’s much-loved DJs, electrifying guitar play and everything else that are trending now.

Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

The template for every other festivals and the largest festival of performing arts and music. You’ll experience all the best traits of music festival in one amazing festival: Glastonbury Festival. A trip to Glastonbury Festival is like stepping into a portal leading to another realm that only appears once in a year,  a realm filled with musics and excitements. Entering Glastonbury Festival is like entering a city of tents, a tented city within a city and though the British law still applies, it works differently on the festival goers, they are allowed to run wild (just a bit) in their own way. Great musical lineup: pop, reggae, dubstep, metal, folk, techno and few others. The place is simply brimming with vitality anywhere you go.

Green Man Festival, Brecon Beacons, Wales

If you’re for looking musics, and fresh foods and drinks, then Green Man Festival is for you. Now in its fifteenth year, Green Man throws both music and foods your way. There a whole lot of fresh foods from around the globe and almost a hundred ciders and ales serve in its own beer festival with eight bars serving out your favourite cocktails. The musics are no less great than the foods and drinks served, haven for middle-aged folks.


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