Weekly Top 10 Songs

Weekly Top 10 Songs
October 17, 2017 Wyatt Lillard

(Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash)

It seems the Cardi B is holding onto the reins tightly, and it looks like she won’t be letting it go anytime soon. A few songs made unexpected comeback after a few weeks in the slum, and a few popular songs tumbled down the chart even further than before. Critics is having drinks at bar in celebration for their prediction came true about a certain, certain song. Now let’s take a look  at the chart, drum roll please!

1-Bodak Yellow (Money Moves) – Cardi B

This is a testament to Cardi B growing success as an artist in music industry and the song tells the story of her journey to success, and what strings she had to pull in order to make to the top. The song has been on the chart for 14 weeks and remains at number 1 spot for two weeks.

2-Rockstar – Post Malone ft 21 Savage

Remaining at number 2 spot is our shining and tumbling Rockstar by Post Malone. This song is about not-so-beautiful life of rockstarts, the reality of it. The lyrics ridden with sex and drugs but there are lessons that can be taken and learn from it. The rockstar seems to be rocking in the direction as it still remain at the number 2 spot.

3-Mi Gente – J Balvin & Willie William ft  Beyonce’

This song make a miraculous jump from number 21 spot to number 3 spot. This is an unexpected development from this song because it was down in the slums for the last 21 weeks on the chart and now, suddenly it jumped up to number 3 spot. It seems the Spanish heat is heating up after a great amount of time spent in dark slum.

4-1-800-273-8255 – Logic ft Alessia Cara

The emotional helpline is still up and running at the number four spot since last week. It seems it has a consistent stream of “callers” to help maintain its number 4 spot in this chart. Gosh, i didn’t know there are so many troubled people in this world.

5-Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift

The song held number 1 spot for a few weeks before it finally toppled by Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow (Money Moves. The song was at the number 3 spot last week before it tumbled down to number 5 spot this week. Maybe Taylor was so surprised and shocked by the jump made by Mi Gente, she staggered and fell off to number 5 spot, allowing Mi Gente to claim that spot.

6-Feel It Still – Portugal. The Man

It moving up the rank still, from number 7 spot to number 6 spot. An unexpected development from Portugal. The Man because the song was way down there before it made a comeback last week by claiming the number 7 spot.

7-Thunder – Imagine Dragons

It made a thunderous comeback this by going up the chart and claimed the number 7 spot after weeks of down in the slums. The dragons are unfolding their wings and rearing their heads for this round of battle.

8-Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato

Shedding off the number 10 spot from previous week and conquered the number 8 spot for herself. Vengeance is strong in this one because she able to make a comeback and climbed back up this far. The power of revenge is compelling her to most forward while tearing down her opponents.

9-Despacito – Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber

From number 5 it came crashing down to number 9 spot this week. Last week was Despacito peak spot after a long, long while before it tumbled back down and clinging by the edges again.

10-Unforgettable – French Montana ft Swae Lee

After a few weeks staying on the top tier of the chart, Unforgettable by French Montana is gradually going down the chart. From last week number 6 spot down to number 10. Will it climb back up like it did before?



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