Safest Site To Download Musics and Songs Legally

Safest Site To Download Musics and Songs Legally
September 7, 2017 Wyatt Lillard

Last time we covered on which apps and couple of sites to safely download musics and songs safely (and legally). For this time around we’re to take a look at which sites on the Internet you can download musics and songs safely from. Without worrying about triggering cyber crime or anything like it. The sites we have listed here are fairly safe for use. (Photo by Mungyu Kim on Unsplash)



The Jamendo provides a secure and free platform for music lovers to download their favourite music. The Creative Commons licensing made all this possible; through the licensing, the artists themselves decided to share away their musics with the masses for free.

It is very easy to navigate and explore through Jamendo. The site will highlight the most played and searched tracks, what latest download is available, and editor’s choice list. Jamendo also lets you search for your favourite artists and download their songs. On Jamendo, they have radio stations of their which neatly and attractively organized. Makes it easy for you to navigate through the site.

Not only you can listen to the radio channels, but you can download songs from it as well. You download the whole album or just a single track from the album.

Jamendo not only available in website form, there’s also an app for Jamendo available for download.

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Noise Trade

From Noise Trade site, you can download thousands of free albums and tracks, and legal to boot. The reason these musics are free is because the artists want you to listen to their music, and if you like it, you can tip them for it or introduce and promote them to your friends. This way, more people will know them.

The Noise Trade site requires you to do a few steps before you are able to download a track or an album. You need to type in your email address and zip code for each album or track you want to download. Once you’ve entered them, you’ll able to download the ZIP file containing the album or track.

If you don’t know to decide what song to download, just hover over to top downloads to get an idea of what to download.

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FMA a.k.a Free Music Archive

No, this is not the anime Fullmetal Alchemist people, it’s Free Music Archive. It is a site for music lovers and this platform is directed by the free radio station; WFMU. No need to worry about digital piracy or the sorts, this provides free and legal music download platform for music lovers and it’s a mix of Creative Commons licences and public domain.

At Free Music Archive, you can browse through the highlighted artists, albums and tracks in their blog or the genres to find the song you want to download. You can also check out their top charts for all time, week, and month.

You can visit and use FMA as a guest or register and create an account. With an account you can create your own collection and interact with users.

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Amazon, a widely recognised name all over the world. is a very secure site for music downloading with thousands of music available for download. Amazon constantly update their site with new songs, so if you in a hurry for a new song, try here.

Amazon organized their music neatly into genres, release dates, length, reviews, popularity or in alphabetical order.

You can play the track before downloading it, when you have decided to download the song, just click on the ‘Free’ button and add it to your cart. The process is the same as checking out an item, just click the ‘Place order button and you’ll receive a link to download it.

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This site hosts tons of free music for you to download and directly from the artists. All tracks at this site are completely and uploaded with the consent of the artists themselves.

To find the music you like, you only need to browse through the genres and charts. Once you’ve find it you can decide either just to listen or download it into your collection.

SoundClick lets you create your very own custom radio stations, meet and get to know listeners or read about updates on your favourite artists.

A warning though, not all artist will let you listen and download their song for free, you have to pay before you can, while there are others let you listen and download for free.

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A site that lets you discover music from artists that share their music for free. Providing the free download option for their songs. Look for the song you want easily by browsing through top downloads, top songs, featured artists and songs, and newest albums.

You can download the songs immediately from PureVolume MP3 format.

You do not need an account to download from PureVolume.


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